ZGDPR software

The Zucchetti ZGDPR solution allows you to manage the various activities planned to fulfill the requirements of the new European Regulation.

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As it is now known, the GDPR has effect in all EU countries since 25 May 2018. Its goal is to promote the protection of personal data of citizens and residents of the European Union, in fact, the GDPR addresses and applies to all organizations resident in an EU member State or based outside the EU but operating in EU territory.

The tools identified by the GDPR to facilitate the correct management of personal data are consent and information, treatment register, notification of violations and designation of a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

To allow you to correctly understand all the provisions of the law, Zucchetti has developed ZGDPR, the software accessible via the web that allows you to:

  • Insert or import the essential elements for a correct formulation of the Data Processing Register;
  • Analyze the risk in order to identify and define the weaknesses of the data chain, allowing the Data Controller to rectify any critical issues in its management;
  • Generate the registers to give feedback to the rights of the interested parties;
  • Manage data breaches by activating processes of analysis, registration and communication

In addition, ZGDPR makes everything easy, thanks to an intuitive and simple guided help tool that allows you to identify the required activity at any time, obtaining the most suitable solution.

There are many benefits. In fact, managing personal data in a conscious and responsible manner can positively influence the company-customer relationship and increase the trust of market towards the company; moreover, the analysis of personal data provided voluntarily provides valuable information to the company that can develop targeted and efficient activities, without forgetting the increase in IT security and the fastest response in case of violations.

The GDPR community legislation applies in all EU member states and provides a single regulatory framework for companies that can reduce risks, uncertainties and costs. In this context, Zucchetti is a privileged partner: security is at the center of all its software since 40 years, and it is no coincidence that Zucchetti is an accredited Conservator and Certification Authority at the Agency for Digital Italy and guarantees highly professional and certified services for the protection of its customers.

You can learn more by downloading here the whitepaper dedicated to GDPR.

Barcodes in Mago4

A deepening on the value of the bar code: "one of the 50 things that made the economy global" according to the BBC.

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The barcode is able to reduce time and errors throughout the supply chain, and ensures traceability and transparency of product information. This alone would be enough to determine its importance, but there is more. Since its invention in 1973, barcode has gone from being a mere tool to speed up supermarket checkouts to the status of a true standard language of global business. The barcode and the processes connected to the decryption of the information encoded in it allow to speak a common language that not only connects companies beyond geographical and cultural boundaries, but also allows to exploit the power of information to improve the experiences of people all over the world .

It is proven that barcode technology guarantees efficiency, accuracy and reliability: in fact, data can be entered up to 5 times faster, without the possibility of erroneously typing a code instead of another, with an undisputed relevance in terms of timing and business costs.

Thanks to technological progress, the barcode reading has resulted in an increasing number of information obtained by individual codes. This is how the ERP Mago4 has been able to implement increasingly advanced solutions to make the insertion of items within the sales and purchase documents more practical, easier and faster. From the now "old" EAN 128 code, Mago has gradually learned to read a wide range of codes, even coming to significantly interpret the GS1 standard of product coding, globally the most widespread in the consumer goods industry, and its GTIN extension for all commercial / sales units, thanks to which it is possible to retrieve useful information for all commercial operations.

The introduction of the Barcode Manager module has marked a further step forward for the ERP Mago4: with the use of a simple barcode reader in keyboard emulation, the operations of loading / unloading goods with its insertion in the Sales and Purchase document - also on the WMS side - have become very fast and with no risk of error. The Barcode Manager allows production and recognition of different types of barcode: from simple codes that can identify, for example, just the article (possibly diversified per unit of measure), to those structured, composed of different information that, in addition to article and units of measure, can contain lot, weight, quantity, etc., up to the GTIN codes. In particular, thanks to a recent implementation that allows you to read variable weight barcodes - that is, the codes used to identify products whose packaging does not have a predetermined and constant weight and whose unit sales price varies according to the final weight -, Mago4 is now able to automatically fill in the weight and / or quantity field with the weight detected or the price field, so interpreting a code containing the variable weight. This applies both to the active cycle documents and to the passive cycle documents, using the Barcode Manager or the mobile WMS.

Working with barcodes is easier than ever, thanks to Mago4's reports for the printing of barcodes, even the structured ones; the dialog box that is obtained by activating the Barcode Manager is simple and intuitive, and the information necessary to the acquisition of the data are minimal: you can record loading and unloading operations without ever touching the keyboard.

The Barcode Manager module is therefore an indispensable tool for all companies that move items with barcode labels, of all types, since it allows maximum reliability in data recording,in addition to significantly reduce data processing times.

To find out more, please visit the page dedicated to the features in the logistics area of Mago4.

New release Mago4

The latest news of the 2.2 and 2.3 releases concern many countries natively localized by Mago4 ERP.

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Mago4 is increasingly addressing the international scene. The commitment to meet the specific requirements of many different countries is seamless, then we'll now see the main news introduced by release 2.2 and 2.3 of Mago4.

One of the flagships of the Mago4 ERP is the Brazil localization. With Mago4 2.3 the Electronic Nota Fiscal 4.0 is ready! It will replace the currently used 3.1 model, whose validity will expire on 2 July 2018. The goal of NF-e 4.0 is to simplify the use of electronic invoices for those who need to send these documents. All the new mandatory fields have been included and the calculation of the taxes has been improved and of course, also the security of the service. The most important changes concern existing fields, but there are also new ones, for example, information on the calculation of the tax percentage collected by the Brazilian government in order to provide better life conditions to disadvantaged people (Fundo de Combate à Pobreza- FCP) whose obligation has also been extended to operations within the same state and not only to the interstate ones. On the other hand, new validations concern the traceability of the product and the payment information. Also, the Types of Payment and the respective Transcodings have been added in order to associate the types of payment of Mago with the codes envisaged in the Fiscal Note. Hence, the user can specify the form of payment, such as "cash", "check" or "credit card". In Financial area, Boletos can now be managed also for DAYCOVAL Bank, according to technical specifications.

A strength of Mago4 on the old continent is the latest German localization, to the progress of which the new releases greatly contribute. In addition to improvements in the Finanacials area - providing in Mago4 2.2 an improvement of Product Lines management and a new function to specify taxable and tax amounts in the Tax Summary - a particular news specific to financial transactions is very interesting: the DATEV Connector. In Germany, as well as in other countries, the export of data for all financial transactions relating to a fiscal year and their communication to the consultant within a reasonable time is required. The data must be collected in an electronically readable format, so that they can be imported into a special environment for their review. The requested data usually includes information on the accounts, the transactions of ledger, the VAT codes, the customer, the supplier and the items. In Germany, this data exchange is managed by DATEV which allows to deal with all this information in a rigorous and confidential manner. In order to meet all these requirements and be able to interface with DATEV, Mago4 2.3 has implemented a new module, DATEV Connector, which allows you to export from Mago the information related to the tax documents posted in the purchase and sales modules and import them into DATEV using a .csv file. This file contains all the main information requested by DATEV and supports the requirements regarding the format for exporting and importing data into DATEV.

As for other major countries, the latest Mago4 releases refine the location of Spain, allowing to enter into Customers and Suppliers masters, the Document Type and Number to be used in Tax declarations and in SII - the new model for the electronic management of VAT registers. Moreover, default data include reclassification schemas to print balance sheets with normal or abbreviated format; bills of cash order type can be printed on file according to the proper record layout and Payees module is available for the Withholding Tax management.

Other improvements concern Swiss localization, where the bills management is now available to present, collect and post outstandings of receivables of SEPA SDD Core and SEPA SDD B2B payment type. Such bills will be printed on XML file.

News also for Poland, Romania e Bulgaria: the check report Customers/Suppliers Balancing between Ledger Balances and Payment Schedule Report has been localized in order to detail the accounting balance of each customer/supplier; this allows to detail the accounting balance by accounts of customer/supplier type used in accounting entries and that generated the customer/supplier accounting balance.

Also for Italy there are incisive updates: in the Logistics area of Mago4 2.3, for example, the Packing Producers Declarations Report has been improved in order to make more complete the information concerning the CONAI. A column that shows the percentage of exemption has been added next to the value in tons relative to the quantity field already present in Mago4. The latest realease of Mago4 provides also the review of the printed text in Privacy Statement Letters, in accordance with the GDPR European Law and the update of Tax Settlement Sending procedure in accordance with specifications valid since the first quarter 2018.

Mago4 always more user-friendly! To make it easier for the user to find out what he wants to do in Mago, some menu items have been reviewed. The names of similar procedures have been aligned using the same terminology and the names for the homonymous procedures have been changed so that they can be more easily recognized during the search.

These are just some of the news presented by the last two releases of the Mago4 ERP: as you know, the constant update is one of Mago's main features and you can simply refer to the release notes in the Private Area; to find out everything that is reserved to you. As always, you can download the updates for free if you have maintained the MLU service. Otherwise you can get in touch with your reference retailer to know the advantages of being always up-to-date.


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