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Do you already know all the advantages of electronic invoicing services? Here is a short list of some of the benefits offered by the safe, simple and user-friendly Zucchetti solution!

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1. Reliability and safety certified.. Zucchetti is indeed an accredited Conservator and Trustee Service Provider at the Agency for Digital Italy; this gives you even more guarantees!

2. A solution specially for you.. 2. A solution specially for you. Zucchetti has a customized solution for each market, from micro-enterprises to large companies, through SMEs and accountants, to get to associations and companies in the Horeca sector.

3. Web Solution. Being accredited to the Tax Agency both to send and to receive electronic invoices, Zucchetti allows you to dispose of invoices anytime and anywhere.

4. A complete process. Creation of the electronic invoice (XML), issuing, transmission, automatic signature, management of notifications, receipt of supplier invoices, manual or automatic accounting registration and conservation: all processes are guaranteed by Zucchetti!

5. Processo one-click: manage the whole process with a single tool, simply and quickly.

6. Search with VAT number, to quickly fill in invoices starting from the VAT number only

7. Integration with your accountant.. The company generates the Iatture from its management, but can take advantage of the HUB of the accountant Zucchetti both to send and receive the purchase invoices. So the accountant will also have all the invoices for the related checks and accounting records.

8. Digital preservation.. Completely dematerialize your invoice management and reduce waste of space, time and resources, increase security and keep your bills compliant with the law.

9. Digital signature: the automatic electronic signature Zucchetti guarantees even more documents and billing and conservation processes.

10. Also suitable for those less experienced: it is easy to manage the whole process with a single tool in a simple and fast way.

If you want to know more, consult the page dedicated to electronic invoicing and remember that your ERP Mago is ready to talk with the Zucchetti Digital Hub, to support you in the process and be immediately aligned with the legislation.


Conai - rules 2019

Mago4 is ready to manage the diversified CONAI paper packaging contribution, effective from 1 January 2019.

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Starting from 1 January 2018 CONAI (Italian National Packaging Consortium) has introduced the diversified Environmental Contribution for plastic packaging.

The purpose of this distinction is to encourage the use of more recyclable packaging, using the contributory lever as a tool to promote the reduction of its environmental impact.

Mago4 obviously kept the values of the diversified contribution constantly up-to-date: in this way you can always manage the diversification of plastics safely.

With a view to continuous improvement, in July 2018 the Board of Directors of CONAI considered it appropriate to take a step forward and therefore approved a project for contributory diversification also for paper packaging.

This differentiation has been dedicated in the first instance to the composite packaging, mainly paper, suitable for containing liquids: for them the paper mills have already started specific industrial processes, aimed at enhancing their value in terms of recycling.In particular, these are primary paper-based packaging, coupled with plastic and possibly aluminum. This heading includes, by way of example, the so-called cartons for drinks (milk, fruit juices, etc.) and the same types of packaging for other food products (sauces, pastes, legumes, etc.).

Also in this case Mago4 is aligned: diversification for the paper will take effect on 1 January 2019 and the latest version of Mago4, 2.4, is already prepared to apply the new contribution rates, updating the default data.

For more details you can consult the Release Notes, or contact your Reference Reseller. Remember that the 2.4 release, which contains this and many other improvements, is free if you have maintained the update MLU service: you can download from the Private Area. For the installation we recommend, as always, to contact your Reseller. Is your MLU not active? Contact us or your reseller to find out the benefits of a continuous update.

NF-e BR Management
Importing received electronic documents (NFe) within Brazil localization is already a reality, thanks to the functionality of Mago4 ERP.

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Brazil is the country where more tax documents are issued in the world. Its tax system and its electronic invoicing system are among the most complex on a global level, even if they are widely consolidated and widespread.

The issue of electronic invoices in Brazil is practically compulsory for almost 100% of taxpayers who generate tax documents: Mago4, which has been present on the Brazilian market for several years, fully manages all related aspects.

One of the most important phases of the process is the acquisition of the received electronic documents: two procedures (Import Nf-e for Suppliers, and Import Nf-e for Customers) allow you to upload in Mago4 documents, received in XML format, for the handling of goods, in which are specified fields and information that each Fiscal Note (the Brazilian tax document par excellence) must contain.

Mago4 reads the XML file and processes it to the final creation of the Fiscal Note and all movements related to it (inventory, payments etc). From Mago4's procedures it is also possible to connect to the SEFAZ system (the Brazilian Tax Authority) to perform all necessary preliminary checks and print the DANFE, the specific print format required for the Nf-e.

These are just some of the functionalities of the Brazil localization project aimed at managing the Fiscal Note; to deepen we recommend you to consult the help center, contact your reseller or fill the form to receive more information.


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