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The release 2.4.5 of Mago4 introduces new and very useful reports for an increasingly effective and efficient stock management in WMS.

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Mago4 is enriched with new reports for the receipt and shipment of goods and offers even more tools to monitor the activity of warehouse employees.

The PreShipping List by Customer, which is introduced with the new release, allows you to view a summary report of the progress of deliveries for customer. In this way, it is possible to filter the query by Document Number, Item, Period, Customer and/or Shipping Address, thus displaying the percentages of Generated, Confirmed Transfer Orders and Generated Delivery Documents by extracting the data in order of Customer code.

Moreover, with the Supplier Order Barcode report it is possible to print the Supplier Order number in barcode format. The barcodes usually speed up the process of completing the documents reducing the scope for error; the advantage in Goods Receipt is that of having the certainty of the Order reference, streamlining the entire process of Goods Entry and guaranteeing a correct generation of administrative documents. Also in terms of WMS Transfer Orders Control, the WMS module of Mago4 2.4.5 makes inventory management even more efficient. Thanks to a new report, in fact, it is possible to have a precise control of the activity of warehouse workers, monitoring all the main activities (Picking, Positioning and Goods Receipt).

In addition to these new reports, the Mago4 WMS 2.4.5 enhances the activities related to the shipment of goods, thanks to new procedures and an increasingly precise management of the Pre-Shipping document.

The process of preparing the goods for deliveries requires ever greater flexibility and efficiency to meet all the requirements related to the goods shipment and to make the goods deliveries on individual Customers ever more efficient. With Mago4 2.4.5, there are interesting improvements for two important functions: the first called TO Assignment by Shipping and the other one called TO Reassignment by Shipping, for which it is now possible to proceed with the TO grouping by shipment. The TO Assignment Procedure by Shipping allows you to assign the Team or the Resource to the Transfer Orders grouped by Customer/Delivery Branch, with the possibility of also displaying the detail of the individual Transfer Orders. The TO Reassignment by Shipping procedure is instead particularly useful to ensure that the shipment process of the goods does not present any solution of continuity. Think about the case in which the TO employees arrive at the end of the shift without having completed them: the Reassignment procedure allows the inventory manager, or whoever is responsible, to reassign the transfer orders to the duty staff.

That is not all: with Mago4 2.4.5 all the TO generated for the preparation of the shipment can be cancelled more easily through new features present in the toolbar.

Those dedicated to streamlining WMS processes are just some of the improvements in the new release 2.4.5 of Mago4. You can find the complete list in the release notes in the Reserved area. You can download them from your personal area on the Microarea’s website; to download and install the update, we advise you to contact your Reseller who will guide you through the process. Remember that the update is free if your MLU is active, otherwise you can contact the Reseller and discover the advantages of a constant update.

26 January 2016



The newborn Mago4 already offers many enhancements to suit all of your needs. Find out the first service pack.

Edited by Marketing Department

The first Service Pack for Mago4 is now released and it enriches the product with useful features and improvements designed to provide you with a constantly updated product.

Among the main innovations you will find the adjustment to the lower CONAI contribution for glass packaging, improvements in VAT export movements for accounting data exchange with Omnia and also in the currency amounts management in Financials-Accounting Area.

In the Warehouse and Logistics Area update is even more full-bodied. Thanks to Mago4 SP 1.01, all the functionalities of WMS and WMS Mobile modules are now fully available. Thus, in Mago4 WMS you can find refinements in the procedures for preshipping and goods receiving, in inventory, in customers filtering and in product data management. Mago4 WMS also improves the administration of serial numbers for the delivery. WMS Mobile is optimized, too, thanks to the reduction of data traffic and the consequent network streamlining. Procedures for loading and unloading, Piececounter and Mobile Goods Receiving are further rationalized, and it is further extended the ability to read barcodes. The scan of articles and their movement between Warehouse units has improved, as well as the management and allocation of missions.

In the manufacturing sector is now available the Manufacturing Mobile module of Mago4, with which you can perform manufacturing confirmation using your mobile device. The module extends WiFi benefits to the manufacturing chain, and you have an important integration for your manufacturing modules.

This is just a quick overview of the first Mago4 Service Pack: you can discover all the improvements and upgrades in MyMago4 area, where you can also download the Service Pack.

You can download the SP right now and get in touch with your Microarea reseller in order to properly upgrade the product. Please remember that the download is available only if you are covered by the Live Update service. If your MLU has expired, but you wish to upgrade your Mago4, all you need to do is get in touch with the International Sales Department to find out the benefits and advantages in being always up to date.


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