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The partners alterBIT and Sabicom establish a new technological and strategic partnership to develop vertical solutions for Mago4 ERP

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Know-how and experience in the IT sector meet web & mobile technology thanks to the collaboration between alterBIT and Sabicom, reliable Mago partners. The goal of this all-Italian joint venture is to design vertical solutions in the ERP field developed on the Mago4 platform, customer-oriented and calibrated according to different business needs, able to combine the innovative element with the simplicity of use of the solutions.

The result of this union is VendingPro: the vertical solution integrated with Mago4 that, thanks to IoT, transforms your machine into an Intelligent vending machine, allowing you to manage mobile payments and mobile marketing and keeping everything under control thanks to an advanced reporting system. Thanks to the technological choices made in the development phase and to its advanced features, VendingPro is a complete software that allows all the companies involved in the vending sector to control and manage real-time every phase of their business.

VendingPro is designed to simplify the management of all activities: from accounting to attempted sales, from stock to planning and real-time monitoring of the operators. The vertical for Mago4 also guarantees the certification of payments according to the provisions of the Revenue Agency and is a powerful tool for business management, because it allows you to read and analyze trend data through the use of simple and intuitive dashboards.

All these and many other innovative features of Mago4's vertical solution will be officially presented at the Venditalia event, which will be held from 6 to 9 June 2018 in Milan at Fieramilanocity. Venditalia is the International Exhibition of Automatic Distribution and is the largest fair in the industry, both for the size of the exhibition area, both for the number of exhibitors and visitors. The main protagonists of Venditalia are leading companies in the production and distribution of automatic payment systems, accessories and products for vending machines.

The partnership between the two Mago resellers offers several advantages not only to the companies involved, but above all to the customers, who can take advantage of the innovative solutions born from the expertise of two major players and the flexibility of the Mago4 ERP.

To learn more about the solution VendingPro born from the partnership between alterBIT, Sabicom and developed on Mago4, you can visit the VendingPro stand at Venditalia, from 06 to 09 June at Fieramilanocity.

Whitepaper Industry 4.0

It has been published a report dedicated to scenarios, trends and tools of the Italian Government's Industry 4.0 Plan.

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It is now available a White Paper dedicated to Zucchetti solutions that can be supported by the proceedings of the Italian Industry Plan 4.0, but not only: downloading the document you can explore issues related to the situation of Italian industry, the IT sector and Digital Transformation in 4.0 context, along with a focus on Warrant Group certification.

Download the White Paper.

26 September 2017


Zucchetti Dinner Solution

Zdinner is the new Zucchetti software that allows a 360-degree management of restaurant and other activities, from table organization and staff shift management to accounting functions.

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Zdinner is the software created to meet the needs of Restaurants, Discotheques (pay-card version), breweries, pizzerias, pubs, ice-cream parlors, bars, pastry shops, representing the perfect solution for a complete business management.

Thanks to an advanced system and interface very user - friendly, Zdinner is able to meet all the needs of the premises such as: separate bills, equal subdivisions, pre-count, food stamps, weight management, barcode management, variant management, quick check, home delivery management etc.

You can use Zdinner from any device: thanks to its flexibility, it can make the service much faster, increase sales with a significant reduction in waiting time and increased customer satisfaction.

The automatic management of the orders ensures you the total control of everything that is being prepared and, with automatic warehouse unloading, you can monitor at any time the stocks(also at department level)and the waste. Zdinner offers you a personnel management through a special card that, in addition to log accesses and exits, manages the employees' own consumption.

Thanks to the statistics, you can meet even the most demanding customers: in fact, you can view and print many reports in order to make the activity control simple and fast. A special password-protected archive records all negative cash transactions to allow you total control and cash movements.

Zdinner offers a unique solution with multiple features and all the benefits you may want: from product packet configuration to prepaid management (including badges), to the acceptance of all types of payment up to the merge of multiple tables/creation of sub-tables (to determine the issue of a single or separate account) and accounting management, passing through the accounting entry functions, the POS configuration in touchscreen mode, and the management of remote locations while maintaining connected them all.

Find out more on the dedicated website page.

Zucchetti Smart Touch

An innovative self-ordering service developed by Zucchetti Smart Touch enriches the Vodafone cloud platform dedicated to professionals, SMEs and large companies.

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The Zucchetti Group continues to grow in the catering market: Zucchetti Smart Touch, a group company, has developed SmartTouch menu, a proximity self ordering system through which customers of bars, restaurants, pizzerias and so on can make their orders straight from the table, in a simple and intuitive way.

Vodafone has decided to include it in the new app store Vodafone Digital Marketplace: a cloud platform that provides professionals, SMEs, and large companies with a wide range of digital business solutions.

SmartTouch Menu is a system composed by a mobile app for Android and iOS and a cloud platform that allows HORECA, tourism and entertainment operators to make their customers order drinks, meals and services to via their smartphone even when they are located on site. All this represents a powerful tool to optimize work and real-time marketing, as it allows the operator to know customer tastes and habits, thus creating ad hoc promotions. On the other hand, the advantage for the user who chooses to activate SmartTouch Menu from Vodafone's marketplace is speed and full autonomy for the use of the service, since all processes have been automated directly within the platform.

Once again Zucchetti and the Group companies demonstrate a strong vocation to innovation, as confirmed by the recognition already obtained from the solution, awarded as "Innovation of the Year" at Barawards 2015.

Environmental Parameters

ZAIR is the new Zucchetti Facility solution for the measurement and analysis of environmental parameters.

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The offer by Zucchetti Facility, a Zucchetti Group company specialized in the development and supply of solutions for energy efficiency and business asset management, is enriched by ZAir, a new system for measuring, analyzing and monitoring environmental parameters.

The software is designed for any workplace (offices, production areas, warehouses, schools, health facilities, etc.): ZAir collects, analyzes and monitors a wide range of environmental parameters - such as air quality (with harmful gas and agents concentration measurement, like radon and airborne particulate), temperature, humidity, water quality, brightness, electromagnetic fields and radiation - to allow you define working environment conditions, including statutory mandatory parameters, depending on people's presence and the protection of their health and safety.

ZAIR helps you to comply with legislation on the protection of workers' health and safety: Italy Legislative Decree 81/2008 classifies the microclimate of the working environment among the physical agents that must be included in the risk assessment.

For the collection and measurement of data, Zair uses installed hardware devices, able to transmit real-time information relating to the environmental parameters to the central software. In this way, Zair monitors up to 26 different parameters and is able to report danger situations with alert systems. In addition, you have customizable reports and statistics to understand any critical issues and take the right actions. The native app allows you to exploit on smartphones and tablets all the potential of the solution. You can also interface ZAir with patented hardware tools that can easily monitor a large number of environmental parameters by sending data to the software via WiFi.

The software then integrates with specific Zucchetti solutions aimed at access control, security and personnel management, enabling you to have a complete tool to manage your work safety.

You can find more details, including the brochure and promotional video on Zucchetti portal.

Food sector

The management of production processes in the food industry is a complex one: the choice of the software focuses on the solution that is able to better manage production.

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TRAXAL is the solution proposed by Zucchetti Group to handle any type of production in the food sector. The simplicity and flexibility are the key to success of TRAXAL that in fact boasts a first-class references park, as well as 15 years of experience in SMEs.

TRAXAL is able to deal with specific issues such as the connection with handheld terminals and readers barcode, scales and automatic weighing and labeling systems, the double measurement unit management, the extended lot traceability according to current regulations, the weight loss in the warehouse and decomposed bills of materials.

Applied to a greater extent in the meat industry, for the slaughter, processing, slicing and logistics, in the cured meat factory, TRAXAL also has specific functionalities for te dairies, solving specific issues such as turns of milk collection, connection with PLC governing system, seasoning stages and packaging. TRAXAL’s experience is solid also in the sector of gastronomy (fresh and stuffed pasta), in the processing of balsamic vinegar, in the fruit and vegetable quality control systems, in production cycles of freeze-dried and dietetic foods.

TRAXAL has particularly interesting modules, such as production and advanced logistics management, allowing you to computerize the distribution platforms of mass retail and ensuring food traceability, product data sheets management transposing European directives concerning nutritional data, allergens and the storage of certificates and labels. Also the measurement of Overall Equipment Effectivess indices (OEE) according to the Lean Manufacturing methodologies is managed by TRAXAL, that also provides the analysis of the real costs of production and the complete management of warehouse logistics.

The specific skills of the solution in production logics, automation and factory automation systems, together with the native opening of Mago4 to the dialogue with solutions for a variety of business needs, make TRAXAL predisposed to integrate with your ERP, expanding its efficiency with specific functionalities for food production.

To further deepen you can read the TRAXAL brochure; for more information please get in touch with your reference reseller.


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