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With the implementation of the localization for Germany, ERP Mago4 proves to be able to move with ease within strategic realities, without limits imposed by geographical boundaries.

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We often talk about international ERPs, able to operate effectively in the most varied contexts and realities of different countries. Nevertheless, what are the characteristics of an ERP software that is really able to ensure a competitive advantage everywhere?

It has to be first at all a multi-language ERP, to process in different languages information such as invoices, names, quantities, currency, price lists. The ERP has also to be multi-company and multi-legislation, to manage the legal and tax regulations of the various countries. Moreover, it is essential that it is able to integrate efficiently data from heterogeneous systems, including third-party software. Naturally, we take it for granted that a truly international ERP is modular, scalable, quick to implement and easy to use. In summary, in order to successfully follow projects without borders, an ERP software has to represent a solution with native international capabilities and preferably have a local integrator, able to facilitate the implementation phases.

The ERP Mago4 has all these characteristics, and it is in fact one of the pillars of the international presence of the Zucchetti Group, a force able to build relationships of trust with local players with whom to share principles and visions for a competitive growth.

The latest confirmation comes from an important test case, in a strategic country like Germany. Thanks to an important project started from basis, fully focused on Mago4 and conducted by Zucchetti GMBH for the Company Randazzo GmbH, the German scene enriches the solid functional localizations of the international ERP Mago4.

Randazzo GmbH is present on the German market with Gusto Italia, a small B2B and B2C sales company that offers Italian food products and specialties in the heart of the Rhine-Main region, near Frankfurt. The main feature of Gusto Italia is to be configured both as a physical market and as a sales system to the retailer, for export purposes too, thus presenting numerous and extremely different needs.

As part of the project, it was immediately clear that the logistics processes of Randazzo GmbH face the same challenges as large companies in the Cash&Carry and the retail sale of food products, especially in the Supply Chain and Warehouse Management sectors: having customized lists, managing lots and mixed pallets are just some of the most important needs. For the company, it is also essential the guarantee of a software capable of growing together with its business.

To fulfill all these requirements, Mago4 ERP has been entirely converted ex novo, also dealing with a series of apparently trivial aspects (adaptation of the fictions, which now follow the German model, import into Mago4 of all the inventory and related data). The ERP is now ready to perform a primary role in the management of master data and price lists, with the definition of prices and barcodes.

With Mago4, Gusto Italia has initially adopted all the functions dedicated to the management of the logistics area, with special attention to WMS and WMS Mobile and to the management of lots characterized by a precise DMD - Date of Minimum Durability. As the needs increase, the company has implemented a complete configuration also in the Supply Chain area, in a progressive and modular manner.

With the ERP Mago4 and the support of Zucchetti GmbH's experience, Gusto Italia quickly achieved a decisive optimization of processes and a rapid increase in production thanks to the drastic reduction of waste of goods, greater transparency in the processes and control of deadlines and the drop in consumption related to inventory logistics.

Mago4 has therefore played a crucial role for Gusto Italia and at the same time has been able to receive an important stimulus from the customer. In fact, a specific need for Gusto Italia, which is linked to the management of variable-weight barcodes, has been implemented within the software functionalities and transformed into a growth factor at the operational level. Mago4 now has a substantial improvement in the management of barcodes and is able to administer variable-weight barcodes within the active/passive cycle (ie relating to products, whose packaging does not have a predetermined and constant weight, the unit sales price of which varies according to the final weight).

The German case is exemplary: Mago4 is able to face the challenge of international development by supporting a seamless operation both of companies that want to project themselves abroad, and of already localized realities, combined with an implementation through a "trust- based network " branded Zucchetti.

Widespread in 30 countries around the world, Mago4 promotes the success of user companies on the global stage, because it is able to deal with different needs, languages and taxation, and knows how to dialogue with the most diverse interlocutors, thanks to its native characteristics of openness and flexibility.

Today Mago4 speaks 10 languages (Bulgarian, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish) and natively supports localizations for Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, and Hungary.

If you want to know more about how Mago4 is able to support companies abroad and to receive more information on the ERP, contact your dealer or fill out the form: Zucchetti International Department will contact you as soon as possible.

case history serigraphy

Cutting edge technology and optimized business management with Mago4 ERP: the case study of SAC Serigrafia.

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SAC Serigrafia has been working for more than 50 years on a crucial aspect of products customization: it realizes high-end logos, resin labels, 3D labels and prints on materials using the latest technology in silk-screen printing. In its vast experience, it has developed projects for heterogeneous sectors, from industry to advertising, from automotive to furniture, not just to meet production needs but anticipating them with a research and development lab, and satisfying requests even afterwards, with a careful after sales service.

The company has relied on Mago ERP, first to achieve rigorous rationalization in the administrative sector, and then adopting the solution also for a more effective management of the commercial and manufacturing area.

The primary requirement of SAC Serigrafia was to optimize the management of orders and warehouse, while at the same time providing the most appropriate tools to analyze the company's sales and financial performance. In the commercial area, then, the need for SAC was to create a kind of common thread facilitating the traceability of all documents, from quote to offer, up to order. The productive sector also needed to monitor the processes in real time and at the same time to adopt logics related to Lean philosophy, which allows you to more quickly produce and contain waste.

With Mago, the company has found the optimal management of commercial, administrative and production phases, now integrated and homogeneous, and has been able to simplify the entire process: from the client's request (processed and translated into offer) to order billing, passing through the formulation of the budget and the management of the various production stages. I-Tech, the Microarea Platinum Partner which has supported SAC Serigrafia in the implementation of the ERP solution, has provided continuous and qualified assistance to make the company sufficiently autonomous in managing the entire process. I-Tech role has been crucial for smooth and sequential processing, from installation to data transfer to customization, in order to meet specific needs, providing complete training and assistance.

The main advantages that exist as a result of the full use of Mago are mainly identified when sending e-mail automatic, useful for supply modules (offer to the customer and confirmation of the order), which allows you to bypass the manual saving operation and the sending of the attached document, , sintetizzando il tutto in un’unica operazione automatica: synthesizing all in a single automatic operation: a considerable advantage in terms of time and reduction of possible errors. Another point of strength is the customization of reports: with its tools, Mago allows you to adjust all modules (bill, offer, quote, order, shipping document) to the needs of the organizational system of SAC Serigrafia.

SAC Serigrafia is just one of the many excellence cases supported by Mago, an ERP that is so flexible it can be used in a wide spectrum of business sectors. One of the best ways to know Mago, and understand how it can provide you with a specific solution to your needs, is to learn how the ERP software is used by other companies. The Success Stories you can read on Microarea portal are just a few examples ... if you do not find a suitable case for your company, contact us: our specialists will guide you to the best.


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