Mago4 is a high quality software, functional continuity and minimal risks of regression! Several testing methods, hundreds of automatic and manual tests are carried out every day on each Mago4 Release or Service Pack that is going to be issued.

Compatibility Tests - The Partnership with Microsoft and Oracle permits to verify the correct functioning of products well in advance on their actual commercialization. Hundreds of tests are carried out before ensuring the compatibility of Mago4 with a new "technological component", starting from the Operating System up to the RDBMS (database).

Non-Regression Testing - Specific tools test Mago4 in unattended (automatic) mode. Currently, 1500 tests are performed in development phase, to ensure top reliability. Thanks to  this type of testing it is possible to eliminate any possible regression (unexpected "behaviour" not found on a previous version) caused by changes in the source code.

Unit Test - In order to check the quality of the single implementations and the corrections of unexpected behaviors, some tests are targeting the specific functionalities. Each implementation or review of application behavior is assessed throughout specific tests systematically tracked by the internal CRM system.

Performance Tests - In addition to stability, another main aim to be pursued is the product performance, crucial to provide a truly effectiveness. In order to make Mago4 more and more performing, various test sessions are dedicated to application tuning in order to assess the impact of source code modifications on Mago4 performance.

Test Planning - 1300 tests, organized in check-lists, allow to perform "reasoned try-outs" on application behaviour. 800 tests are carried out by automatic tools. The testing specialists carry out hundreds of test plans to verify the correct behavior of program functions, hence ensuring product reliability.

Final Tests - In addition to the tests in development and beta phase, 8 more hours of final testing are carried out, to ensure full safety and top quality. Right before Release or Service Pack availability, tester and automatic tools run the final tests. All is verified: from installation, to functions use.

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