Mago4 represents the new family of management solutions able to meet the most varied operational, development, and business needs in the field of company management.

The system is developed starting from a reliable architecture and solid experience in the field of ERP software, whose individual segments are enhanced thanks to renewed development models and original components.

Mago4 integrates with the ecosystem of Zucchetti solutions, standing out in terms of flexibility, scalability and utmost customization possibilities, thanks to high-performance tools.

Mago4 is a management application with a strong international vocation right from the design stage. That's why Mago4 ERP proves to be naturally inclined to support the development of any foreign functional localization.

Mago4 is the ERP with a design, look and feel and user experience designed to follow the web usability criteria of latest generation devices. From the graphic and organizational standpoint, Mago4 is structured to ensure utmost ease of use and to manage business processes according to established, solid and profoundly secure procedures. Mago4 is available in client/server mode with Mago4 desktop and in the web version Mago4 web, with a dynamic and functional design.

Three Editions



Designed for small and medium commercial, industrial or service enterprises. Perfect for managing the entire cycle, from the offer to production planning and logistics.



Aimed at small businesses that need to effectively manage the administrative-accounting area, inventory and the sales and purchasing cycle.



The ideal choice for manufacturing, commercial and logistics companies, with greater requirements of control of the corporate strategic framework.

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"The application base on which you can develop new projects"

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"A platform to create flexible and powerful applications"

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