Total control. Mago4 is perfect as company accounting software: all administrative duties are just a click away, thanks to analysis and verification tools that provide maximum control over your business.

Optimize the administrative activity of the company accounts thanks to Mago4 ERP: you have modules and features to fulfill all tax obligations, proceed easily and intuitively, control in real time the progress of the company and you can count on a concrete management control.


Meet all fiscal duties of your ordinary accounting management, from the posting of accounting transactions using the double entry method, to the printout of tax journals and of General Ledger journals, from balance statements to the analysis of economic and financial data, and also using free reclassifications of accounting balances. The core of the accounting management is the general ledger, where you can post all transactions with proper templates, and update linked data in real time (accounting balances, receivables and payables, vat data etc.). The structure of accounting data allows you to always get a perfect balance between accounts and payment schedules.

Forecast Accounting

Get a more detailed and reliable accounting period check.
Forecast entries look like accounting entries, but allow you to refer to future transactions, like for example the monthly rate of quotas that are usually posted at the end of the year, in order to get a simulated balance closer to the real company trend. The  Forecast Accounting module is integrated with Financials, Analysis & Controlling and Fixed Assets modules.

XBRL Balance

Thanks to Mago4 XBRL Balance module, you have the opportunity to turn your accounts into the XBRL standard format, used to send the balance statements to the Business Registry. With XBRL Balance you easily create an XBRL financial statement, because the module exploits the EEC reclassification already found in the general accounting module. XBRL is based on the definitions of taxonomy and instance. Taxonomy is intended to mean a file that contains a list of information categories that can be used  - we can define it as a “dictionary”. An XBRL instance document is an XML document that contains the information defined in the taxonomy. Possible future revisions of the reference taxonomies will be immediately available thanks to a specific Internet-based update function included in the module. This module is available for Italy only.

Balance Analysis -  Basel II

Mago4 module dedicated to Balance Analysis - Basel II gives you an effective aid in the company performance monitoring process, and you're rapidly provided with a full assessment of the financial, assets and economic situation of your company, calculating its rating according to the Basel II principles. Thanks to the module you generate a Microsoft Excel worksheet dynamically connected to the company database, which it draws the accounting figures for company self-assessment based on the provisions of the Basel II agreement. This international agreement has introduced assessment models used by banks based on rating; Mago4 module can provide useful information to best prepare your company’s presentation to credit institutes. This module is available for Italy only.

Multicompany Balance

If your company controls one or more companies, Mago4 MultiCompany Balance gives you a real help. Integrating with the Financials module,  you quickly get the multicompany balance by loading and processing the balances of each controlled company and you can also process balances in foreign currencies. Thanks to proper consolidated templates you standardize accounting grouping criteria in the multicompany balance and simply exclude all accounts that refer to intercompany transactions. Data transfer between companies of the group is carried out with a file loading that generates an entry in the journal of the controller company. With proper measures you can also keep details of the amounts of each company.

Analysis and Controlling

Get a more accurate and reliable period accounting control: Mago4 module offers you a full and flexible solution to monitor your company transactions that affect company economic results. Analysis and Controlling module fits in with your company activity by using the free definition of cost centers and long-term jobs. The main advantage is the use of the same chart of accounts of Financials module. You can set all accounts as analytical accounts; furthermore, if you need to post extra-accounting transactions you can set accounts to be used in analytical entries only. You generate actual analytical entries starting from any accounting posting, and post analytical entries starting from sales and purchase documents, and from inventory entries and depreciations, too.

Fixed Assets

You have at your disposal the essential tool to manage the complicated fixed assets issues from the moment of their purchase to their disposal, in accordance with current fiscal and legal requirements. Mago4 Fixed Assets module is based on a detailed fixed assets master that allows you to manage customized depreciations, as well as to store a large quantity of information. In this way you can calculate depreciation in all managed regimes, generating accounting entries according to the different methods. The record of depreciable assets is available in various formats. If the Analysis and Controlling module is activated, you can spread depreciation quotas among cost centers, jobs and product lines.

Cash Management

The essential tool to check cash. Thanks to Cash Management you record debit and credit transfers of money, including collections and payments, using a special data-entry session, that is periodically consolidated posting pure accounting entries. Operations are simplified and you do not need to know any accounting principles, because every kind of transaction is assigned to a specific button: money transfer in, money transfer out, advance/collection from customer, advance/payment to supplier, advance for expenses and expenses/income. Collection and payment transactions are linked to scheduled payments. Payables and receivables are immediately updated by the cash clearing. Currently this module is not available in the Italian and Swiss version.


With Mago4 ERP accounting software you can produce and send Intrastat lists required by Europea Union regulations for exchanges among member countries. The module is perfectly integrated with the Financial module and with other logistics modules, and it is based on proper "intra-EU entries" linked to each document to generate and send the declaration. Thanks to the level of detail of the information processed, you can manage operations for tax purposes, for statistical purposes, or both.

Advanced Bank Management

Advanced Bank Management helps you to create in the correct XML format the files for Bank Transfer and Direct Debit (SDD Core and B2B). Advanced Bank Management module enables you to print SDD Mandates to send the customer for subscription, also via e-mail. You can also keep your customers' and suppliers' bank list up to date, accessing via web-services to the updated files of Italian bank counters lists.

Accounting Inventory Book

The Accounting Inventory Book module helps you to meet law disposition, by printing all the statements that are part of the Book and also including attachments to the print; the attached documents can be Mago4 reports or statements set by the user. The module includes the documents to be issued/received management, that allows you to specify an adjustment account on posting an issued or received document, and to generate an automatic adjustment entry with accrual date in the previous fiscal year. Furthermore, you can manage adjustment entries and reclassification schemes with advanced functionalities, in order to produce reclassified balances according to customizable and flexible layouts.


The module is the interface between Mago4 and DocFinance Treasury developed by Sedoc Finance Network. Thanks to your ERP definitely integrates with DocFinance, the complete solution for advance corporate treasury management, and contains the Remote Banking services called Telemachus. Thanks to this module you can know, control and manage company treasury events, from customer and suppliers lists, to entries, through accounting integration and management of receipts and payments, to risk management, analysis and centralization of the group financial assets. is crucial to constantly keep under control the financial situation and monitor the relationship with the banks. The integration between Mago4 and DocFinance is mutual: the procedure sends the customer and suppliers lists, accounting deadlines, and receives collections and payments, fees, interest, rebates, allowing the reconciliation of bank accounts.

Accounting Data exchange with Omnia

This module interfaces with the software OMNIA in order to send all accounting entries and VAT data. The export procedure analyzes the transactions to be exported, and guides you in inserting the missing combinations, such as correspondence to the OMNIA subaccount and / or the tax code. If you want to start your accounting management with Mago4 while keeping the supervision of your accountant, you can adopt his chart of accounts and avoid to connect to each OMNIA subaccount


Payroll Import

A useful tool to detect the accounting entries concerning the personnel management: you can import a text file generated by Omnia Payroll and obtain the posting of the general ledger in the accounting entries. If you want, you can also generate the corresponding analytical entries. With the help of Payroll templates you can define the schema for the accounting, select the posting nature (actual or forecast), establish its validity and the priorities for the automatic generation of the general ledgers.

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