Mago4 proposes itself as an "open" ERP: there are many tools in the suite designed to customize it or integrate other applications. They range from data interchange to the reuse of management components, up to development with the same platform used by Mago4 developers.


IMS is the ecosystem consisting of a synchronization engine and an editor to create integrations between applications ... and more. IMS is a component designed to put in communication in real time different applicative entities, working in a single environment, keeping the data synchronized and consistent.

Thanks to IMS you can manage typical scenarios, like put in communication via web services in Real-Time applications such as Mago4 and Infinity CRM, but also allow two disconnected Mago to “talk” to each other such as extracting data from a database and passing them to Mago using the MagicLink technology, assuring the total reliability of the data entered.

IMS was born equipped with technical features designed for real practical advantages:

• Real-time and scheduled synchronization engine for total flexibility
• REST API exposed for maximum integrability
• Managing isolate flows of data interchange to guarantee greater security
• Multithread for better performance
• Easy to configure with quick start-up
• Developments in C#: it is therefore easy to learn
• Scalability and maintainability guarantee a safe growth
The constant research and development work ensures that the IMS ecosystem is constantly evolving: we plan the introduction of new and even more advanced features, which will allow - citing just a few examples - to update the list prices present in Mago starting from an Excel file sent by one of your suppliers, applying the desired mark-up logic, or generating EDI files to be exchanged between customers.

Stay tuned!


The data transfer represents a fundamental tool for each management product to allow the exchange of information between different workstation. XGate, the Mago4 module responsible for this task, uses "XML" as transfer format; thanks to this standard you can exchange data even with different applications from Mago4. So you can manage the import and export of every Mago4 document (Orders, Bill of lading, but also Clients, Articles) in XML and exchange documents between remote locations and heterogeneous systems using an XML-based transfer format.

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